WE ARE TOP 10!!!


Hackathon by New Energy Nexus

[RE]Energize Indonesia 2021

SUPER CHARGE E-Mobility Ecosystem in Indonesia

MANOUV has been shortlisted as one of the top 10 teams! Yay!

Demo day on 18 July - only 3 teams will be in the final selection.

You can also participate in the popular vote here:


An electric vehicle that combines the safety and comfort of a car

with the flexibility of a 2 wheel scooter.




  • SAFE: A fully enclosed two-wheeler that has seat belts and climate control.

  • PROTECTION: From inclement weather and pollution.

  • COMFORT: The unique design with the rider's seat being suspended and brushes that allows riders to put their feet down ensures that there is much larger space for the passengers, luggage, groceries, or even food delivery and logistics services.

  • COMPACT: Easy to manoeuver, lane split and park.

  • SUSTAINABLE: Fully electric and solar panels integration.


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Manouv App

  • Log in as a driver or passenger

  • Interact with other users

  • Check battery status

  • Find charging stations

  • Keep track of your carbon emissions and savings

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